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Purchase Pricing

*$50 delivery fee or patient may pickup sale equipment from one of three local branches.

Oxygen Equipment and Supplies:

EquipmentPurchase Price
Concentrator (up to 5 LPM)$575.00
Concentrator Hi-Flow (up to 10 LPM)$1250.00
Cannula (4 or 7 ft)$.80 ea
Christmas Tree$2.50
Oxygen Contents Per Cylinder$8.00
B Cylinder + Oxygen Contents$40.00
C Cylinder + Oxygen Contents$50.00
E Cylinder + Oxygen Contents$60.00
E Cylinder Cart$20.00
Cylinder Shoulder Bag for B or C$20.00
Oxygen Humidifier Bottle$3.00
Regulator (Standard)$31.44
Regulator (Conserving Device)$195.00
Tubing (25 Ft)$1.75
Tubing (50 Ft)$3.50
Cylinder Wrench$2.00
Suction Equipment and Supplies:

EquipmentPurchase PriceMo. Qty.Mo. Cost
Portable Suction Machine$325.001
Stationary Suction Machine$205.001
14 Fr. Suction Catheter$2.92 ea30$87.60
Yankeur$4.07 ea4$16.28
Tubing, 6 Ft.$3.61 ea8$28.88
Suction Cannister$8.00 ea4$32.00
Elbows for Suction$4.00 ea2$8.00
Bacteria Filter$5.00 ea2$10.00
Nebulizer Equipment and Supplies:

EquipmentPurchase Price
Nebulizer (Portable) with Kit and Battery$125.00
Disposable Nebulizer Kit$2.01 ea
Non-Disposable Nebilizer Kit$19.99 ea
Bath Equipment:

EquipmentPurchase Price
3n1 Commode - Standard$65.15
3n1 Commode - Heavy Duty$114.50
Drop Arm Commode - Standard$85.00
Drop Arm Commode - Heavy Duty$114.50
Elevated Toilet Seat$30.00
Toilet Safety Frame - Standard$25.00
Shower Chair Standard$35.00
Shower Chair Heavy Duty$65.00
Transfer Bench Standard$70.00
Transfer Bench Heavy Duty$85.00

EquipmentPurchase Price
Standard Rolling Walker$60.00
Heavy Duty Rolling Walker$133.70
Standard Rollator$75.00
Heavy Duty Rollator$148.70
Standard Wheelchair (16"-20")with Footrest$434.22
Standard Wheelchair (16"-20")with Legrest$448.64
Heavy Duty Wheelchair (22") with Footrest$519.22
Heavy Duty Wheelchair (22") with Legrest$533.64
Hospital Bed:

EquipmentPurchase Price
Semi Electric Hospital Bed with Rails and Mattress$650.00
Full Electric Hospital Bed with Rails and Mattress$900.00
Mattress Standard (Replacement)$115.00
Mattress Bariatric (Replacement)$115.00
Gel Overlay Standard$192.00
Low Air Loss Standard$425.00
Trapeze Standard Attached to Bed$95.00
Trapeze Standard Freestanding with Base$180.00
Overbed Table$95.00